A rich and storied legacy

The Company's history goes back to Dec. 18, 1934, when H.L. Hunt founded Hunt Oil Company. Today, the Hunt Family of Companies includes three main areas of business: Hunt Oil Company, Hunt Energy, and Hunt Realty Investments. Together these three Companies make up Hunt Consolidated, Inc., a family-owned, private Family of Companies.

One of Hunt's most distinguishing characteristics is the emphasis the Company places on attracting and retaining highly qualified personnel. The men and women of Hunt are considered the Company's most important assets.

In terms of day-to-day activities, the Company is proactive and aggressive from an operational point of view, and it balances that strategy with a correspondingly conservative financial philosophy. This approach has served the Company well during its nine decades of growth.

The management structure of the Hunt Family of Companies consists of an umbrella holding company — Hunt Consolidated, Inc. Ray Hunt serves as the Chairman Emeritus, and David Hernandez serves as Chairman & Managing Director where he helps to coordinate oversight of all the businesses and shared services under the Hunt Family of Companies umbrella.

Hunter Hunt serves as the Chairman & CEO of Hunt Energy Company, where he oversees energy and infrastructure businesses for the Company.

Chris Kleinert serves as the Chairman & CEO of Hunt Investment Holdings, where he oversees the real estate, investment, and ranching operations for the Company.

Mark Gunnin serves as the Chairman & CEO of Hunt Oil Company overseeing all domestic and international oil and gas operations and projects.


Ray L. Hunt

Chairman Emeritus
Hunt Consolidated, Inc.

david hernandez

David Hernandez

Chairman & Managing Director
Hunt Consolidated, Inc.


Hunter L. Hunt

Chairman & CEO
Hunt Energy Company

chris kleinert

Christopher W. Kleinert

Chairman & CEO
Hunt Investment Holdings, LLC

mark gunnin

Mark Gunnin

Chairman & CEO
Hunt Oil Company

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